Saturday, January 5, 2013

ASOS Ordering Guide- Returning an item from Singapore

I've received quite a number of questions on  returning items on ASOS. And hence, have decided to do a supplementary post here to help you all!


You need to make sure that your items are in returnable conditions.
That means if the item came with tags, the tags should still be attached.


Fill out your return form. EVERY order should come with you return form which will look like this.
You need to fill it up so that it ASOS can process your return.


Pack the items you want to return TOGETHER with the return slip you filled up in step 2.


You can either peal off the return address sticker on the returns form and paste it on the package or write down the ASOS return address yourself.
Either way, postage is not free unless you live in the UK.

Choose a postage service. You could use ASOS recommended return service available here.
Or just use Singpost.
Or any other international postage services.
It is really your preference.

Post the item. And wait for your return to reach ASOS.
They will send a notification email when your returns have been processed.
From prev experience it takes more than 2 weeks for the return process to be completed.

 I've received  questions asking me if they can use Singpost normal mail to send their packages back.
Of course you can. It just means it's not trackable.

Also, another similar question I get is this:

 Is Singpost normal mail safe? Will my mail reach ASOS?
Okay. Honestly, I am not a postman, I don't run Singpost so I'm not the best person to guarantee their service quality yea? With that being said, I never send an item overseas without using registered mail just because I can track it. And if ASOS says they never receive my returned items on their end I could always show the tracking details to customer service and fight for my refund. If you use the normal mail service, you won't be able to track your package. And anw, it's just about $2+ more for registered postage regardless of the weight of the package. You be the judge.

Another question I get is this:

How much will it cost to return an item?
Readers! Seriously! I don't work for Singpost! -_-"
I would be glad to help you all out but somethings I just can't really answer because it's best you find it out yourself.

Okay but for your reference, from previous experience, if it's light items, 1-2 clothing about $15?
A pair of short boots with box about $25+?
Best way to find out is to weigh your items and check against Singpost rates here.
Best bet is to get your items weighed at the post office. You can always weigh and ask how much then if it's too expensive you can not send it back.

Don't be afraid to go to the Singpost counter aunty and ask. Really, they won't eat you up or scold you if you ask nicely or explain to her you want to know how much before you send. It beats hiding behind your laptop and counting on someone on the internet when they don't know what are the items you are returning!


It's the start of the new year and loads of people are gg to do their CNY shopping!

Happy shopping!


  1. Hey thank you for sharing the useful information. I have ordered a couple of jeans yesterday only so hoping to get them soon.

  2. Hi there! will asos refund us the postage fee we incurred for returning the item?